Unlock Your Full Trumpet Potential with the 1% Trumpet Ownership Program

Transform Your Trumpet Playing Even with Limited Practice Time – Master Efficiency, Mindset, and Techniques to Accelerate Your Progress


1% TRumpet Ownership program

"Small Improvements, Big Results"

"Less Practice, More Music"

Mastering trumpet doesn’t require innate natural talent, super intelligence, or the willpower of a Greek god. 

   We understand the frustration and disappointment that trumpet players experience when they can't perform at their best due to inconsistent embouchure, rapid fatigue, and limited range. The 1% Trumpet Ownership Program is specifically designed to address these problems, empowering you to make significant progress even with limited practice time.

   Imagine a practice routine that not only fits into your busy life but also delivers tangible results. Our program teaches you how to optimize your practice sessions by focusing on the most impactful exercises and techniques. You'll learn how to maintain consistent embouchure strength and control, allowing you to perform with confidence, precision, and a beautiful sound every time you pick up your trumpet.


What You Will Learn:

  • ​Benefit #1: Designed for busy trumpet players who struggle to find enough practice time due to work, family, or health commitments
  • ​Benefit #2: Maximize practice efficiency with a manageable, consistent schedule that eliminates cramming and protects your embouchure
  • ​Benefit #3: Apply the power of the 1% rule to make steady, compounding progress in your trumpet playing
  • ​Benefit #4: Prioritize and tackle playing issues using the 80/20 Pareto principle, ensuring your limited practice time is always productive
  • ​Benefit #5: Take control of your learning and playing results with proven mindset techniques and personal accountability
  • Benefit #6: Discover fresh approaches to traditional pedagogy for enjoyable and effective fundamental skill-building
  • Benefit #7: Join a supportive community of like-minded trumpet players focused on mutual growth and encouragement

Unlock Your Trumpet's True Potential

Experience Unprecedented Range, Endurance, Power, Sound, and Recovery

  • ​Benefit #1: Dramatically expand your range, giving you the freedom to explore new musical possibilities and tackle challenging repertoire
  • ​Benefit #2: Boost your endurance, allowing you to perform longer and with greater ease, without sacrificing tone quality or accuracy
  • ​Benefit #3: Accelerate your recovery time, ensuring you bounce back quickly after demanding practice sessions or performances, ready to take on the next challenge
  • Benefit #4: Unleash your trumpet's power, mastering dynamic control and projection to captivate your audience and enhance your musical expression

Transform your trumpet playing with the 1% Trumpet Ownership Program, and experience the confidence, versatility, and satisfaction that come with unlocking your instrument's full potential.

Delivering results

Experience a Comprehensive Transformation with the Seven Phases of the 1% Trumpet Ownership Program


Phase 1

Introduction + Basic Mechanics of Trumpet Playing: Establish a solid foundation with proper technique, breathing, and posture, setting the stage for your success.


Phase 2

Understanding the Power of Ownership: Embrace personal accountability and develop a growth mindset, taking charge of your own progress and results.


Phase 3

The 1% Rule: Learn the art of consistent, incremental improvement, unlocking the compounding power of small gains to revolutionize your trumpet playing.


Phase 4

The 80/20 Principle: Master the art of self-diagnosis to prioritize and address weaknesses, maximizing the effectiveness of your practice sessions.


Phase 5

FUN-damentals and Music: Engage with innovative approaches to fundamental skill-building, while staying connected to the joy and passion of making music.


Phase 6

Extended Techniques: Enhance your musical repertoire with advanced techniques, elevating your playing and setting you apart from the crowd.


Phase 7

Ear Training and Improvisation: Sharpen your listening skills and tap into your creativity, enabling you to express yourself freely and spontaneously on your trumpet.

What others are saying about us

Bruce McKinnon

"I'm filling up the room again, just that one thing....beautiful. Worth the whole program"


"The tips and tricks were very helpful"


When I'm at University I feel like I'm just being taught to, this feels like a developmental environment"


"On point! I don't put money in what I don't believe in!"


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