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What others are saying about us

Bruce McKinnon

"I'm filling up the room again, just that one thing....beautiful. Worth the whole program"


Achieved a Minor 3rd increase in her range in just 2 days! 


"Very, very, very, significant improvements in the last two months, improvements that I hadn't ever experienced before" 


"On point! I don't put money in what I don't believe in!"


"He really zeroed in to the problems I was having."


"Providing structure and what to work on has been a Godsend, I'm thrilled"


"He guided me so well, I made so many improvements in just a few weeks."


"When I'm at University I feel like I'm just being taught to, this feels like a developmental environment"


"The tips and tricks were very helpful"


"There was so much information I was gathering it was hurting my brain, so good!"



After years of only being able to play for 5-10 minutes due to fatigue and pain, he can now play for over an hour pain free!

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